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Bookmark Yerushalmi

Bookmark Yerushalmi
Price: $5.00
Dimensions: 7" x 2"
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There's a story behind this bookmark. When I was in jewelry school in Jerusalem, I cut the top portion of this out in silver by hand. Unfortunately, I lost that and so many other of my creations when I accidentally left them on a bus in Ramat Gan. Yep, it still hurts, but I still had a printout of the design, so I scanned it, traced the lines in and made this beautiful bookmark. This bookmark can be made out of paper, acrylic or wood. If you'd like me to design a specific size of this attractive bookmark that evokes tones of Jerusalem's signature iron-wrought windows or anything else using this intricate and stunning design, please contact us. Meanwhile, this bookmark is created in substantial black art paper, so the price below is for the bookmark in paper only.
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